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By: Hugh Sherborne
Date: 08/07/09


Always make sure your windows are shut and the doors locked, check the boot.

If possible take your briefcase, handbag or computer with you.  If not make sure they are placed in the boot, out of sight.

Look for a park that is in a prominent position, near people or the entrance to the mall.  Avoid dark out of the way spaces.

Paid car parks are always the safe option as they are usually monitored and staffed.

Use a car alarm or steering wheel lock, or just have a flashing red light to give the impression that you have security.

When you return to your car, check the area for anyone suspicious who may be near your car.  If there is, go back into the shop or office and wait until all is clear.  Make sure your keys are ready and get into the car quickly.  Always check the back seat before entering your car.  Lock your car door as soon as you are seated.