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By: Hugh Sherborne
Date: 25/6/09

Personal Information

How Secure is your office information?

Take a look at your desk right now. 

  1. Is it tidy, or have you lots of papers lying around? 
  2. Think about the people who visit your office. 
  3. Can you trust them?
  4. Do you even know everyone who has access to your office?

If you have stray bits of paper that may have passwords, user names or other private information on them, you are tempting fate to leave them in plain view.  Many people even use a post-it note stuck to their computer monitoe!

Think about protecting not only your own but also your customers private information.

Make it a policy that all desks in your office are kept clean and tidy. 

Keep all your files and records in one place, preferably locked away, kept neat and tidy and up to date.

Take time now to duplicate information that can be stored securely off the premises in case of fire or theft, not forgetting to back up all your computer files. I know, we all have good intentions, but when did you last carry out a computer backup?