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By: Hugh Sherborne
Date: 10/06/05

Recently, a television programme showed a woman deliberately slipping over in a supermarket.  Luckily, for them the store caught it on camera.  The CCTV footage showed clearly the woman looking around to see if anyone was watching and then launched her-self onto to floor with a loud cry.  Because it was all caught on camera the company could successfully fight prosecution.

Just think of your workplace.  Have you a car parking area?  Are there areas in a warehouse where it is difficult to monitor?  Accidents even happen in the office.  Law suits cannot only cost you a great deal of money but also tie up your time and can even damage the reputation of the company.

Without having a good recording of all areas of your business you could be left with having to fight a nuisance lawsuit.  Whenever there is a dispute, perhaps with a worker saying that the company didn’t provide enough safety measures, it pays to protect yourself with proof and what actually happened.

The relatively low cost of installing cameras can be more than offset by the security they will provide to your company.  Security cameras are not just for break-ins but also provide protection from unscrupulous employees.

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