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By: Jo Chew
Date: 2/5/2005


This guide is here to show you how easy it is to set up and use a wireless spy camera! In this guide I'm going to set up a wireless spy camera to monitor a driveway. This guide will go through all the steps needed to set up one of our spy cameras.

Position the camera

When deciding on where to position the camera, keep in mind its distance to the receiver. In ideal conditions with line of site distances of 100m are achievable. Realistically, most spy camera setups will be going through a number of walls. With this in mind, it is ideal that you keep the distance to less than 50 metres.

Spy camera positioning
Positioning - Driveway cam!

Simply position the camera so that it can see what you want to monitor. In our case, down the driveway. Don't forget to remove the lens cap if the camera has one! At this stage, there is no point fastening the camera to anything, as minor adjustments might need to be made.

provide power to spy camera
Power up!

Next we simply plug one of the supplied power adaptors into the wall and supply power to the camera. (Optional) You may connect the battery clip with a 9volt battery instead of using the power adaptor. Use the battery for temporary surveillance where using a power is not available, or you wish to hide the camera.

Set up the receiver

The camera needs somewhere to transmit the video to! So we need to set up the receiver!

Spy camera needs an antenna!
Screw in the antenna

With the receiver, firstly, connect the antenna to the receiver. Simply screw the antenna clockwise into the antenna socket.

video and power to spy camera receiver
Almost there!

Now we connect up the A/V cables and power to the receiver on the other side, as you can see in the picture. (Note that the outdoor spy camera will have one less plug as it does not have audio)

spy camera receiver plugs into tv
You need something to watch it on... right?

We now need to connect the other end of the A/V cable to the TV or CCTV monitor. Most modern TV's will have the appropriate A/V jacks. If you have a very old tv, you can still connect A/V cables with the use of a RF Modulator. You can get these from your local Tandy, Radio Shack, Dick Smith etc.

Adjustment and tuning

Now we turn on the TV. As a precaution, if your camera has audio, I recommend turning the volume all the way down to begin with. Now switch channels or A/V inputs so you can see the camera. Do not be alarmed if all you see is a fuzzy or blank screen.

spy camera tuning adjustment
Fine tuning

If your receiver has a tuning knob as in the picture above, adjust the knob until you get a clear picture.

Now that you have a clear picture, you can turn the volume up (if your camera has audio). You may at this point want to adjust the cameras viewing angle, or mount the camera firmly to a surface or wall. Please disconnect power to the camera before mounting it!

spy camera on tv
All done!

As you can see, setting up a wireless spy camera is a breeze! They are great devices and are a very affordable way to provide extra security. The wireless outdoor spy camera has infrared lighting which will allow you to see in at night(picture will be black & white). Another feature of the outdoor camera, is that the infrared LED's glow a soft red at night, which is a deterrent for possible vandals as they will know they are on camera!