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By: Jo Chew
Date: 4/11/2005

Is CCTV security necessary in your home and business?

You bet your life it is!

What are the benefits of a DVR system?

97 percent of employee theft is undetected. For businesses, there is no greater form of larceny than employee theft. In 2004, the average dollar loss per incident of employee theft was $1,341.00 while the average shoplifting incident was $207.18

At Footprint Security, we have been told stories of how the least suspected employee has been caught with their hand in the till. Employers with digital surveillance fortunately are able to catch the employees causing the problem, and even better, in many cases prevent employee theft from occurring in the first place.

Why employees steal:

Need: Personal circumstances can vary from person to person, and the need is often created from a personal financial crisis. Whether it be divorce, investment losses, drug abuse, unanticipated expenses and medical costs. It is important to note that circumstances change over time, so an employee may not steal anything for years, but one day suddenly have a need for finances quickly.

Opportunity: Sometimes, having to steal is not enough. If the opportunity arises and the employee believes that they cannot get caught, they see it as an opportunity. Other employees may have the view that a little theft is quite ok. Some may feel theft is a victimless crime as the employer has lots of money and won’t notice!

How can a video surveillance eliminate or greatly reduce employee theft?
If you were personally able to monitor a staff member for the entire day and watch every thing they did that day, do you think they would:
-Steal from you?
-Take items to give away to friends or family?
-Accidentally ‘forget’ to pay for items

Of course they wouldn’t! This is what cameras and video surveillance do, keep an eye on everything and duplicate your presence in your business. This takes away the opportunity for the employee to steal. The employee will now know that at any given time, they could be watch and footage could be recorded. How do they know this? Because they will know cameras are around, and you, the employer, will make it known to your employee’s that you can monitor the security system at any time from anywhere in the world, over the internet. Does this mean that you need to monitor the system all the time? Of course not, the system will record automatically, and the occasional phone call to staff providing positive praise for what they are doing, will create an atmosphere where the employee feels they may be watched.

You have now removed the opportunity for employee theft.

Deterrence factor: On many occasions employers report that after installing a CCTV system, productivity increases. This is because employees feel they are being watched, so slacking off may not be an option anymore.

Legal issues & promoting a safer environment: Creating a safer working environment by installing a video surveillance system is paramount by today’s legal and ethical standards. It also gives an affirmative legal defense in terms of making an effort by creating a safe workplace environment in the event a crime and/or incidence occurs. We have seen many companies face litigation by having a lack of security principles for their employees and visitors. By proven corporate engineering standards employees, vendors and visitors just simply feel safer and protected by the presence of physical security. That means, they also feel better about their job and tend to be more productive in the long run.

Peace of mind
When was the last time you were able to take a day off? If you ask most business owners when the last time they were able to take a day off and not have to think or worry about what was going on in their business, they probably wouldn’t know. What if you also have multiple stores? You can’t be in two or three places at once!

- If your at your business, you can’t be with your family
- When your at one location, you can’t be at others
- When your on holiday, you can’t be at your business

Digital video recorders are changing all this.

- Now business owners can view their businesses from anywhere in the world!
- You can be with your family and still keeping an eye on your business
- You can be at one location and still at the others!
- You can be playing golf or fishing and still very much be present at your business!

Sound crazy? Most people wont take the time to view their business remotely anyway. You don’t need to. All you need to do is create an environment within your business so that employees feel they may be watched at any time. In addition the system will be recording, so you can always go through footage if an incident is to occur.

How do you make your employees feel like they are being watched? Perhaps once a week call one of your employee’s and compliment them on their dress or compliment them on the great job they are doing. This will let them know you are happy with what they are doing, as well as let them think that you are constantly watching.

The result? Total peace of mind!