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Security Concerns on the rise in Australia and WorldwideSafety concerns both at home and in the community continue to rise. Each time we watch the news there is another assault, home invasion or murder. With unrest throughout the world by religious factions such as ISIS, and general unease with the movement of such groups, people want to feel more secure.

What to do if you’re attacked!

Posted by in Security Articles on Oct 4, 2016. 0 Comments
What to do if you’re attacked!It can happen to anyone. You could be walking back to your car and pass a dark alley and before you realise a person drags you off the street. What happens next could mean the difference between survival, injury or even death.First, take a breath and try to calm yourself. If you can, try to talk to your assailant and calmly and ask what they want. If it’s your wallet, give it to them by throwing it on the f
How effective is CCTV in Solving Crimes?I found an interesting article about the use of surveillance cameras to solve crimes. On average, Scotland Yard solves 65 murder cases out of 90 each year, purely by identifying the perpetrators on film or by tracking them from location to location.It’s well known that the United Kingdom has a high percentage of public CCTV cameras, and Australia is fast catching up. Although some complain about lo