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Security Camera Systems and the Role They Play
For the Best Security Camera Systems deals in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or AdelaideHave you ever considered why security cameras act as a deterrent? It all boils down to psychology and human behaviour. Break-ins are more likely to happen if the perpetrators feel confident that they can break the law if they are unseen. Take a row of houses in any street and imagine a car slowly trawling by. They look for cameras first an

Four people saved by CCTV

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4 People Saved by Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)Critics of the proliferation of CCTV suggest that it’s only application is for reviewing worst-case scenarios after the fact. But there are at least 4 UK residents who would attest its preventative powers

The Psychology of a Burglar

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The Psychology of a BurglarLet’s try a social experiment.Suppose an additional $108,000 was necessary to fund a vital organ transplant. Your employer can’t increase wages nor will insurance foot the bill. What would you do? You could fundraise, sell your earthly possessions, and work around the clock. Alas, the seasons change but you are still no closer to reaching your goal. It occurs to you that your wealthy neighbors, the Jones’, are l

How can CCTV combat Terrorism?

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How can CCTV combat Terrorism?Concern for terrorism, foreign or domestic, is not mere paranoia.Australia faces a national security threat. Jewish school children were traumatized during their trip between Marouba and Dover on August 6th, 2014. 5 intoxicated men screamed Anti-Semitic threats, ‘Kill the Jews’, and, ‘We are going to cut your throats and slice your throats open.’ On August 20th, 2014, a Jewish primary school was evacuated aft
Gotcha! Is that CCTV Footage Admissible in Court? (Part 1)You’ve caught those slippery thieves breaking and entering and are ready to lock them behind bars. Would that it were so simple. Like any evidence, CCTV footage will be contested by opposing lawyers. Home and business owners must keep their wits about them throughout the entire proceeding. Any person providing footage automatically becomes a witness to the crime.

Making the Old New: What is AHD?

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Making the Old New: What is AHD?Times have changed.Hollywood and TV have perpetuated conflicting myths about CCTV operation. Sometimes surveillance footage in films looks better than real life, while other directors think all footage is grainy, robotic, and failed to develop past the 20th century. The truth is that the industry has made affordable, high-speed advancements in recent years. The modern CCTV systems are not the same as your d
Simple suggestions to help to protect your home and familyBelow are some practical guidelines to help you protect your family, home and business. They are only suggestions, but by following these suggested ideas you will be safer. You need to know how to protect yourself and your family from intruders and home invasions.

The cost of Employee Theft

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Employee TheftI found an interesting article recently about an employee stealing tobacco from a New Zealand factory.He had a false bottom in his work bag and took a small amount home each day.
The Ethics of using Security Camera in your Home or BusinessSurveillance cameras are everywhere these days, from your local greengrocer to a large shopping mall. Many people are installing them in their homes and offices for protection against theft. So, why do people object? The main reason is that many people feel that it’s an invasion of their privacy.
All our Digital Video Recorders use Surveillance Hard DisksThe life of Normal Hard Disks used in PCs are designed on the basis that when the computer goes to sleep, it is powered down into sleep mode, extending the life of the disk in normal operation.
How effective is CCTV in Solving Crimes?I found an interesting article about the use of surveillance cameras to solve crimes. On average, Scotland Yard solves 65 murder cases out of 90 each year, purely by identifying the perpetrators on film or by tracking them from location to location.It’s well known that the United Kingdom has a high percentage of public CCTV cameras, and Australia is fast catching up. Although some complain about lo
Uses for Ѕecurity Сameras and ССТVSecurity cameras used to be the domain of large businesses, government or local councils.These days, they have become much more accessible, because of technology innovations and lower cost of ownership. With the increases in crime, a good CCTV system is a good investment, and can both act as a deterrent and provide evidence after the fact.
Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – Home SecurityNext April the Gold Coast, Australia has the honour of hosting the Commonwealth Games. This means a huge influx of visitors to the Gold Coast, and all the problems that can entail. Homes will be left empty as many families visit a great number of venues, leaving their houses open to intruders and thieves. Businesses will probably have to deal with opportunist thieves, drunken and drugged patrons i
Advantages of CCTV in crime preventionThe crime rate around the world is increasing daily – with poor economic conditions, radicalisation and more technology, the job of law enforcement agencies has become more demanding and complicated.
Developments in CCTV recording devices over the yearsCCTV is defined as Closed Circuit Television, which works on a closed or private network to a limited number of monitors, as against broadcast Television, which is transmitted openly so that almost anyone can access it.The first recorded use of CCTV was in 1942 by an engineer in Nazi Germany, to observe the launching of V2 rockets. The first commercial use of CCTV was in 1949, by a comp
The latest technology for CCTV Surveillance systems.Most of you will be familiar with the surveillance camera footage which is aired from time to time on the TV when the police are looking for certain individuals.Usually, the pictures are not very clear, details are difficult to make out, and facial recognition is almost impossible.