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Making the Old New: What is AHD?

Posted by in Security Articles on Aug 29, 2016. 0 Comments
Making the Old New: What is AHD?Times have changed.Hollywood and TV have perpetuated conflicting myths about CCTV operation. Sometimes surveillance footage in films looks better than real life, while other directors think all footage is grainy, robotic, and failed to develop past the 20th century. The truth is that the industry has made affordable, high-speed advancements in recent years. The modern CCTV systems are not the same as your d
Businessman uses Surveillance to Save Daughter.A few years ago a UK executive decided to install security cameras before leaving for a European business trip. He knew his teenage daughter would be alone for nearly three weeks and decided to take precautions.During one night in Italy he awoke with an uneasy feeling. He powered up his computer and logged into his house cameras. Shocked, he saw three men prowling around his home looking for