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The Ethics of using Security Camera in your Home or BusinessSurveillance cameras are everywhere these days, from your local greengrocer to a large shopping mall. Many people are installing them in their homes and offices for protection against theft. So, why do people object? The main reason is that many people feel that it’s an invasion of their privacy.

The cost of Employee Theft

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Employee TheftI found an interesting article recently about an employee stealing tobacco from a New Zealand factory.He had a false bottom in his work bag and took a small amount home each day.

What to do if you’re attacked!

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What to do if you’re attacked!It can happen to anyone. You could be walking back to your car and pass a dark alley and before you realise a person drags you off the street. What happens next could mean the difference between survival, injury or even death.First, take a breath and try to calm yourself. If you can, try to talk to your assailant and calmly and ask what they want. If it’s your wallet, give it to them by throwing it on the f
Protecting Your Purse or Wallet when outIn every country there are pickpockets and opportunist thieves. You may think only overseas, but wherever you live, you need to be aware of your surroundings and take note of what is happening around you.To make it more difficult for the light fingered opportunist out there, ladies, we suggest that you carry your shoulder handbag held firmly between your arm and body, and preferably keep your bag on
Suggestions to help you Protect Your Business and EmployeesHere are some great tips to protect your business, employees and yourself, especially for small businesses and shops.
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