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Well-known Crimes Solved By Security CamerasMost people believe that CCTV is a modern day invention. Perhaps at a guess most would say the seventies, but they would be wrong. The first time a security camera system used was in 1942, invented by a German named Walter Bruch. The system was used to observe the launch of V-2 rockets during the Second World War.

Security Cameras Helping the Police

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Security Cameras Helping the PoliceOne state in America has come up with a system to catch criminals with the help of local businesses. I thought it was such a great idea and would like Australian Police to consider a similar system.
How effective is CCTV in Solving Crimes?I found an interesting article about the use of surveillance cameras to solve crimes. On average, Scotland Yard solves 65 murder cases out of 90 each year, purely by identifying the perpetrators on film or by tracking them from location to location.It’s well known that the United Kingdom has a high percentage of public CCTV cameras, and Australia is fast catching up. Although some complain about lo
Businessman uses Surveillance to Save Daughter.A few years ago a UK executive decided to install security cameras before leaving for a European business trip. He knew his teenage daughter would be alone for nearly three weeks and decided to take precautions.During one night in Italy he awoke with an uneasy feeling. He powered up his computer and logged into his house cameras. Shocked, he saw three men prowling around his home looking for
All our Digital Video Recorders use Surveillance Hard DisksThe life of Normal Hard Disks used in PCs are designed on the basis that when the computer goes to sleep, it is powered down into sleep mode, extending the life of the disk in normal operation.
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