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The cost of Employee Theft

Posted by in Security Articles on Oct 12, 2016 .0 Comments
The cost of Employee Theft

Employee Theft


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I found an interesting article recently about an employee stealing tobacco from a New Zealand factory.

He had a false bottom in his work bag and took a small amount home each day.

The Police discovered $5,000 worth of tobacco at his house, and now he faces prosecution.

If you own a business, could you afford this sort of loss or more?

Stealing from the till is widespread, usually by not ringing up the sale and pocketing cash purchases. As a business owner, if you find your margin is eroding and don’t know why, perhaps it’s because of employee theft in either cash or product.

Some people feel they are not paid or appreciated enough, and see theft as their right, so they feel justified taking to make up for what they feel they are underpaid.

They seem to overlook the fact that they have a job, and that the employer is providing that work for them.

Business owners work hard and take both financial and health risks to build their business, and to have people steal from you is illegal and an act of betrayal.

If you suspect theft in your workplace, consider installing security cameras to catch and deter thieving.

Over time, small amounts taken regularly can add up, and in the past have sent companies into liquidation.

Why take that risk, when you can monitor workers, and catch them in the act. You then have evidence to prosecute and dismiss the thief.

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