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Australia's leading supplier of Security Cameras, Digital IP Cameras and CCTV Systems!

We supply the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and surrounds.
Our cameras and systems can be installed using a DIY kit, by your local electrician or our recommended installer

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Analogue CCTV Systems

ANalogue DVRs and Cameras

Analogue CCTV is the tried and tested, but improved resolution CCTV.
See our range of Analogue CCTV Cameras and DVRs More Information here

AHD (Analogue High Definition) CCTV Systems

AHD Cameras and DVRs

AHD is new technology which although Analogue, gives improved High Definition.
See our range of AHD Cameras and DVRs More Information here


Network Video Recorders

4, 8 and 16 Channel NVRs available

4, 8 and 16 Channel NVRs available now

New range of NVRs also arriving soon

IP Extenders

This new product enables users to extend IP camera signal over existing coaxial cable. It is used in pairs with RG59 cable and will exceed IEEE 802.3 10BaseT NEX specification. Low cost and easy to install.

FS-701P IP Extender Baluns

More information here


Range of DVRs Available
Range of DVRs available

View our range of DVRs.



Standalone Spy Cameras
with Built in DVR

STandalone cameras with DVRs

Car Camera with GPS
HD Car Camera with GPS
HD 1080 Sports Action Cam
Angel Eye Spy Camera
MD-606 Camera with DVR


Wireless Security Spy Cameras
Wireless Security Spy Cameras
From $143.00

Mini Spy Camera
Outdoor Spy Camera
Long Range Spy Camera
Digital Wireless Cameras

Wi-fi IP Network Security Cameras
wi-fi IP Cameras

Wi-fi Models

IP Cameras which can be connected directly through a broadband router to monitor/record on a network or the internet.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money back guarantee!
Footprint Security offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products! If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, return it to us within 30 days for a full refund! Click here for more information.

Looking for security cameras? mega pixel surveillance? GPS trackers? Or a wireless spy camera? Footprint security carry Australia's largest range of Business and Home Security cameras and CCTV accessories, all supplied at wholesale prices! This website is continually being updated with new products and features. Feel free to browse our current selection of wireless spy cameras as well as surveillance security cameras, CCTV Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders and Mega Pixel IP Cameras.

Wireless security cameras are a great way to provide security. They are easy to set up because they are wireless, as well as that, they are affordable! We have various different models from small, mini spy cameras, to outdoor spy cameras that can see in total darkness!

If you need a new CCTV security system for your shop, office, factory or other commercial premises, we can help you. We can advise on the best system to suit your individual requirements, situation and budget. Call us for unbiased, no-obligation free expert advice.

Deciding on what kind of home security system is best for you can be a rather daunting task, given all the solutions available. We will endeavour to provide as much information on security cameras and CCTV equipment as possible, so you can be confident that you are purchasing the best home security system for your needs!

If you are after a home security system with surveillance capabilities, our extensive selection of security cameras and video surveillance equipment will capture your attention and address your immediate needs for a large variety of applications. Our customer service, desire to meet your satisfaction and available resources will keep you coming back. Please browse and enjoy our website which is continually being updated to include the most recent products and technical information. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

Don't forget to check out our range of wireless security cameras! Individual spy camera packages start at $145, and 4 camera wireless systems start at $440!

We can make up economical DVR & Camera CCTV systems for use in homes or small business.

Have you been robbed? Upload your pictures to Whotube, to see if anyone recognizes them - whotube

Web footprintsecurity.com.au


Footprint Updates:

(12/07/14) Added 2 new HD IP Cameras
(19/06/14) Added Compact 4 and 8 Channel ONVIF NVRs
(27/02/13) Added HD 1080 Sports Action Cam
(21/11/12) Added Spy Wristwatch Camera
(29/10/12) Added Spy Smoke Detector Camera
(27/11/12) Added Telephone Recorder
(21/11/12) Added Footprint Security Product Catalogue
(29/10/12) Added Budget DVR and Camera Kits
(15/10/12) Added GPS Trackers
(04/10/12) Added Cable
(04/10/12) Added Power Supplies
(04/10/12) Added PoE Splitter
(04/10/12) Added 8 Way PoE Switch
(02/10/12) Added 4 Way PoE Switch
(01/10/12) Added VIT-DA651 3.0 Mega Pixel Dome
(01/10/12) Added VIT-UA627 3.0 Mega Pixel Varifocal Bullet
(27/09/12) Added VIT-UA626 3.0 Mega Pixel Bullet
(27/09/12) Added C737V-POE Outdoor POE Mega Pixel Camera
(15/09/12) Added CPT-510 Mega Pixel Wifi Pan/Tilt Dome
(11/09/12) Added NVR8004 4 Channel Network Video Recorder
(11/09/12) Added FP-NVR4-OD-IR NVR and Mega Pixel Camera Package
(11/09/12) Added FP-NVR4-ID-IR NVR and Mega Pixel Camera Package
(04/09/12) Added J602 Wireless Outdoor IP Camera
(02/09/12) Added LIC120 Heavy Duty Long Range Camera
(23/08/12) Added LIKT40SHB 700TVL Outdoor Bullet Camera
(20/08/12) Added C753R Budget Indoor Mega Pixel Dome
(09/08/12) Added C730 Outdoor Mega Pixel Bullet Camera
(08/08/12) Added C755RV Mega Pixel Dome Camera
(05/08/12) Added C735-WIFI Wireless Mega Pixel Camera
(03/08/12) Added C739 Outdoor Mega Pixel IP Zoom Camera
(02/08/12) Added C736 Outdoor Mega Pixel IP Camera
(01/08/12) Added LIRDPSHE indoor Infrared Dome
(14/06/12) Added J901 PTZ outdoor wi-fi IP Camera
(11/06/12) Added J012 indoor wi-fi Camera
(02/06/12) Added 4Gb Pen spy camera
(02/06/12) Added Infrared Lamps
/05/12) Added HD 1080 Car Camera with GPS
(28/04/12) Added MD-606 Camera with DVR
(06/03/12) Added LIXT80 80M Outdoor Security Camera
(16/01/12) Added HA-1648 16 channel DVR
(14/01/12) Added LIS50SHD 600 line 50 M IR Array Camera
(01/12/11) Added LIRDCSHE 700 line Vandal Proof Camera
(12/11/11) Added Specials Page
(26/09/11) Added Angel Eye Spy camera
(10/09/11) Added LVDC45SHD Vandal-Proof Camera
(23/04/11) Added Indoor Digital wireless Spy Camera Set
(18/03/11) Added Outdoor Digital Wireless Spy Camera
(18/02/11) Added 540 Line indoor dome camera
(10/02/11) Added New Slimlilne H.264 16-Channel DVR
(09/02/11) Added Compact H.264 8-Channel DVR
(02/02/11) Added Pogo Computer for IT Support
(30/06/10) Added Motion Activated Pen
(30/06/10) Added Audio Pen
(01/06/10) Modified LIXTX90SHQ to manual lens
(31/05/10) Added Alarm Clock Camera
(31/03/10) Added New 800Mw Transmitter/Receiver
(21/03/10) Added New High Res Box camera
(21/03/10) Added Wi-fi P-T IP Camera


Latest Security News from Australia and around the World

CCTV spy from your home launch(10/06/14) Abu Dhabi Ports launches 2 new drone security cameras
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(16/05/14) Sneak Thieves to be aware of
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(04/03/14) Should we allow Employers to monitor staff using security cameras?
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(15/10/13) Speed camera rules have changed - OK now to hide cameras
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(11/10/13) Explosion in Sydney Supermarket caused by Arson
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(18/09/13) Security cameras pay off for schools
CCTV spy from your home launch
(08/09/13) Wikileaks details how NZ spies will work
CCTV spy from your home launch
(22/07/13) Police will gain live feeds of street violence via 71 cameras in the heart of Brisbane
CCTV spy from your home launch
(25/06/13) Nanny cam shows intruder beating NJ woman near kid
CCTV spy from your home launch
(24/06/13) Police view security footage as investigations continue into Gold Coast stabbing death
CCTV spy from your home launch
(21/06/13) Security camera captures moment two-year-old girl caught after falling five storeys
CCTV spy from your home launch
(14/04/13) Caught on camera, the 79-year-old grave vandal
CCTV spy from your home launch
(20/02/13) Home security camera helps police catch thief
CCTV spy from your home launch
(19/02/13) Illegal Dumpers Cost Australian Councils
CCTV spy from your home launch
(11/02/13) Using Cameras on School Buses
CCTV spy from your home launch
(04/02/13) Is your spouse watching you?
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(20/11/12) Are your children safe?
CCTV spy from your home launch
(23/07/12) Eight ways to protect yourself at public venues
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(26/05/12) Protecting your ageing parents
CCTV spy from your home launch
(26/04/12) Australians can Earn Money by Spying
CCTV spy from your home launch
(30/01/12) ATM at Port Macquarie butchery robbed
CCTV spy from your home launch
(30/01/12) Residents fight crims by installing cameras
CCTV spy from your home launch
(25/10/11) 'More support' for CCTV after riots
CCTV spy from your home launch
(26/07/11) Do-it-Yourself Security for the Smaller Retailer
CCTV spy from your home launch
(08/06/11) Powerful Ways Public Surveillance Protects
CCTV spy from your home launch
(25/03/11) Why You Need a Car Camera
CCTV spy from your home launch
(13/12/10) Why Burglars Love Christmas
CCTV spy from your home launch
(18/11/10) Commissioner backs CCTV in taxis
CCTV spy from your home launch
(15/10/10) Op-shop lens proves a dumper deterrent
CCTV spy from your home launch
(06/10/10) Internet Eyes will pay you to watch security camera feeds
CCTV spy from your home launch
(04/10/10) CCTV Spy from home site launch
icon(14/09/10) Self Protection Tips for your Home
(08/09/10) The 5 Most Common Causes of House Fires and How To Avoid Them
(19/08/10) Is Your Child Being Abused?
(11/08/10) Apple readies fix for iPhone browser security hole
(10/08/10) Is Your Name on the Master Terrorist List?
(08/07/10} Coping With Difficult People
(29/06/10) 20 Tips That Could Save Your Life
(28/05/10) Push for cameras to stop bullies
(28/05/10) Dated Haircut Helps Nab Assaulter
(26/05/10) Rats cause CCTV chaos
(19/05/10) Attack victim’s father calls for cameras
(19/05/10) Do You Know How to Spot a Hidden Camera
(19/04/10) No CCTV of scuffle with mentally ill patient in Townsville Hospital
(16/04/10) Security cameras catch images of meteor
(01/05/10) Police Tap Into Camera Feeds Using BlackBerries
(12/04/10) Casino cracks down on blackjack cheats
(07/04/10) Scottish tourist fighting for his life after being attacked by young gang in Australia
..security news archive



We ship regularly all over the world (New Zealand, United States, Asia and Europe), and of course to all states
in Australia: Victoria(Melbourne), New South Wales(Sydney), South Australia(Adelaide), Northern Territory(Darwin),
Western Australia(Perth), Tasmania(Hobart) and Queensland(Brisbane & Gold Coast).
Goods are well packed and always arrive in perfect condition!


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